About Us

Mythic Christian is a blog devoted to helping people discover biblical truths and what it really means to be a disciple of Christ.

In a world where new denominations and ideas pop up each day it’s easy for Christians to be confused about what they believe. When this happens, it’s easy for people to get swept up in new and trendy doctrines that seem to be good and biblical but often leave Christians even more confused when their novelty wears off. Sometimes these trendy doctrines can even be spiritually dangerous and ultimately lead to the ruin of entire churches and the destruction families. The only way we can be on guard against these “winds of doctrine”(Eph 4:14) is to strive to understand the beliefs and practices of those now-legendary believers, the first-century church. When we seek these truths and live them out in our own lives, we too can walk the path of the Mythic Christian.

To achieve this lofty goal we do our best to strip away centuries of tradition, pop-culture, and unbiblical theology in order to understand the original contexts and meanings of the scriptures. Only by seeing the texts as they were originally meant to be seen can we even begin to walk the path laid out before us. Even though the quest is never-ending and often difficult, it is a beautiful journey that we love and hope to share with others.

Mythic Christian is written and developed by two academically-trained and educated scholars of the Bible who also believe in God and find truth in his Word. They also happened to be married.

John Gregory Drummond is a writer, researcher, and general theology nerd with an MA in Biblical Studies and an MA in Roman Archaeology. He has worked in various fields, including Ministry and Christian Education. It was while working in the Church that he saw the dire need for a better understanding of the scriptures and teachers willing step out from the universities and libraries to help Christians find it. He also has a deep love for all things Mythic, including literature both ancient and modern, movies, TV, comic books, and video games, especially anything Star Wars or Tolkien related.

Jennifer R. Drummond has an MA in Biblical Studies, an MA in Roman Archaeology, and a heart for people. She has worked in several “real-world” fields, including finance and education. Currently, she is an adjunct-professor of Religion at Indiana University East while also working at the Biblical Archaeology Society, publisher of Biblical Archaeology Review. Along with a love for all things myth and fantasy, she also enjoys various Period novels and movies, with a particular love for the works of Jane Austen.